Industry-Smart Cities and Smart Energy

Smart Cities and Smart Energy Industry

Actionable Strategies provides high value-add consultative services to attain breakthrough improvements when planning Smart Cities and Smart Grid initiatives. By applying both strategic business approaches and practical technical knowledge, we enable our clients to initiate, prove and execute projects on a journey to deploy advanced Smart City concepts and sophisticated Smart Grid technologies.


Our experience in industrialized countries has enabled us to help client in emerging markets.  We combine the latest operational, information and communications technologies with proven practices from mature markets.  Our recent successes in newly privatized markets where competition has just been introduced is a result of our work with customers, municipalities, utilities and regulators.

Our consultative services are focused on the front half of the Smart Grid Lifecycle.

    • Strategic business planning
    • Architecture and roadmapping
    • Engineering and IT integration
    • Program management over project portfolios

We engage stakeholders across the value chain: suppliers, utilities, customers and regulators.  Services start with the overall strategy and concept.

  • Strategic planning to build a scalable and manageable Smart Grid busines model that incorporates customers, operations, regulators and financial stakeholders
  • Architectural services to develop a pragmatic roadmap to extend existing technical investments, deploy the latest technologies and integrate operational and information technologies including seamless data interchange
  • Engineering services to pragmatically design a grid that improves grid reliability and performance, while addressing variances in service territories, customer needs, communication capabilities and technology infrastructure
  • Managed implementations to ensure pilots and early projects deliver demonstrable value in alignment with the strategic plan and architectural roadmap

Roles and Responsibilities

The most successful projects Actionable Strategies has delivered involved many contributors serving a diverse set of stakeholders.  With Smart Grid projects, our strategic consultative capabilities articulate an achievable sequence of measurable goals.  When translated into action plans, a number of defined projects are developed and managed as a portfolio supported by our expertise. 

Program management of Smart Grid initiatives requires collaboration with a number of parties.  In addition to resources drawn from the client, expertise and capacity must be provided by partners.  These partners ensure early projects are successful and client leaders and staff gain the requisite knowledge required to assume ownership of Smart Grid operations and technology.

Partners work with the client to manage construction and implementation projects from concept to service transition.  Operations and Maintenance are initially assisted but must quickly become part of standardized operations.  As the client develops internal capabilities, they are able to execute future construction projects without assistance.

Engagement Structure

Actionable Strategies collaborates with clients to plan the journey to an advanced Smart Grid that introduces change at a reasonable pace.  Breakthrough gains are achievable by leveraging the capabilities of Actionable Strategies and partner firms who bring the expertise and experience from other successful Smart Grid implementations.

Smart Grid Strategy Methodology

Adopting Smart Grid technologies can yield tremendous benefits across the energy value chain.  

The potential for Smart Grid is attractive but realizing benefits is a significant challenge due to the higher velocity of the technology and operating models. 

Successful implementation of a Smart Grid requires a solid strategic plan that results in a well-managed program for coordinated execution of projects.  Actionable Strategies applies a proven framework to create the overall models and interlinked plans.

Smart Grid Strategy and Technical Assistance 

Actionable Strategies created the strategy and technology roadmap for the largest Smart Grid implementation in Turkey.  Building on our technical assistance with distribution automation and AMI, the advanced Smart Grid integrated Microgrids, Distributed Generation, and Electric Vehicles.  The strategy, architecture and technical approaches served as the model for other Smart Grids in the region.  Technical challenges included integration of SAP IS/U via Enterprise Service Bus, deployment of a hybrid communications network, ingestion and analytics of real-time operational data, consolidated customer master data and cybersecurity.

Smart Campus Study 

Actionable Strategies evaluated the potential for a variety of Smart City technologies for the campus of the University Politehnica of Bucharest, the largest and oldest technical university in Romania.  The technical, financial, regulatory and environmental feasibility were assessed.

The study ultimately led to funding for the Smart Campus initiative.

  • Smart Grid and Microgrids
  • Smart Lighting
  • Solar Power
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Transportation

The Smart Grid included Distributed Energy Resources and energy storage.

Compensation Design in the Energy Industry 

A state-owned enterprise responsible for the distribution of electricity in Vietnam needed to design a compensation scheme for all levels of the organization.  The introduction of market-oriented reforms includes competition for human capital.  Compensation is now a critical part of recruiting, management and employee retention.  Actionable Strategies was asked to design a measurement system for all of IT and then align a compensation model to it. 

An IT Balanced Scorecard was developed that aligned with the business Balanced Scorecard already is use.  A tiered measurement system was designed that tied performance objectives to the strategic IT objectives.  After investing the time in educating IT executives and front-line managers, Actionable Strategies let the now motivated leaders drive implementation.

Smart City Strategy 

Smart City - Targu Mures, RomaniaThe City of Târgu Mureș in Transylvania aspired to become a Smart City and a model for Romania.  Emerging markets are ideal candidates to leapfrog established markets through the application of advanced technologies.  

The Government of Romania set a “Digital Mures” Smart City agenda with two major objectives:

    1. Develop a modern infrastructure of private-public services
    2. Envision and develop a medical IT technology park specializing in research and medical information including telemedicine

The Smart City was expected to generate monetary savings, enhance the lifestyles of citizens and improve the private business environment.  Incorporating experience from Telemedicine and Smart Grid projects in Romania, Actionable Strategies concluded that the technologies could support all of the strategic objectives.

Analysis of the structure, capabilities and preparedness of the city, we concluded that a number of constraints needed to be removed prior to implementing the strategic plan.  The major issues were human capital, grid interoperability, the regulatory framework, culture, and real estate obstacles including buildings, property rights and energy data.  The Government of Romania embraced our strategy and proceeded.  By 2019, Romania had 330 Smart City projects covering over 6 million citizens.