Actionable Strategies turns concepts into realities.  We have entered new markets, conceived and launched innovative products and transformed organizations.  Click on an image below for examples of our work.

Cloud Computing
Cloud and Enterprise Software

Actionable Strategies embraced Cloud Computing at the onset and helped forward-thinking clients realize significant early benefits: dramatic operating and financial gains, agility and improved raised service levels. 

Strategy Capabilities

Our strategy work runs the gamut: business, marketing, human capital and technology.  We take a pragmatic view to make our strategies truly actionable.

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Information is the lifeblood of organizations. We provide insights and predictions that enable critical business decisions.  We tie processes, data, applications and knowledge together to advance with confidence.

Human Capital Management Capabilities
Human Capital Management

Our extensive HCM experience has been accumulated from running large global organizations, growing mid-size companies into well-managed operations, and building early stage companies into successful enterprises.  

Lean and Agile
Lean and Agile

We achieve Execution Excellence by optimizing organizations, processes and technologies.  Pragmatically applying Lean principles, we drive breakthrough results in product development, manufacturing and services organizations.  

Transformation and Optimization
Transformation and Optimization

We help clients transform, optimize and scale business, operating and service delivery models.  Applying a strategic focus while driving action enables clients to realize early wins on the path to substantial gains.

Program and Project Portfolio Management
Program and Project Portfolio Management

Our experience in managing project portfolios and running large programs aids clients with their challenges.  Whether establishing PMOs, optimizing portfolios or rescuing failing projects, we enable our clients to succeed and then drive maturity in their models.

Risk Management and Mitigation
Risk Management

Our clients face risks from many angles.  Decades of cross-industry experience and managerial discipline drive our consultants to aggressively control risks and enact mitigation approaches. 

Virtual CxO
Virtual Leadership

For some of our clients, the missing piece to their solution is the right leader.  In select situations, we will provide leadership on an interim basis, potentially on a fractional basis.