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Through the SIM Community Outreach Committee, I am coaching for NPower who helps “launch digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities”. Last week, I was on a panel about virtual work. Having first worked remotely in the 1980s, I wanted to share what helped me achieve the most.

1. Control yourself – maintain a work schedule and consistent habits, avoid personal distractions and tasks during work, seek an appropriate work/life balance

2. Control your environment – create a productive workspace, limit distractions from household members during calls/focused times (create a schedule of independent activities for children)

3. Stay connected – telepresence technology makes it easy to reach customers, colleagues and suppliers

4. Improve yourself – take control of improving what you do and how you do it

It is easy to grow unproductive if you are unmotivated and disconnected. Work hard when you are at work. Then, disconnect and enjoy your downtime and those you connect with, at home or virtually!

Leaders: inspire your teams to drive outcomes and measure what is delivered, not “inputs” like hours worked. I wish everyone success as they adjust to new work models.

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