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Enabling Technologies

We deliver solutions for clients across three areas of focus.  By applying best practices and cross industry experience, we enable our clients to formulate winning strategies and execute them effectively.  Our practitioners have proven themselves in business strategy, globalization, alignment, turnarounds and M&A.  They have created the operational organizations, processes and technologies to provide competitive advantage, market agility and global scale.s

The professionals at Actionable Strategies are experienced leaders, executives, facilitators, project managers, and proven agents of change. These and other skills have been honed in engagements that include business process reengineering, business excellence, transformation governance and reform, M&A due diligence, business integration, strategy, financial analysis, organizational design, customer relationship management and managed program implementation. Our consultants work in the best interests of our clients in providing, advice, counsel, clear thinking, pragmatic solutions and structured management of engagements.

Our clients come from financial services, energy, real estate, software and business services.

Actionable Strategies has substantial experience formulating and executing sound business excellence solutions. Among the top areas of investment today, business excellence includes all quality management and business management offerings. Examples include process and program management, Lean and Six Sigma, governance, next generation and predictive dashboards, metrics, measures, scorecards, reporting, and operational excellence. These solutions are designed to improve performance, aggressively manage costs and mitigate risk. Business excellence solutions allow companies to compete more effectively in constrained environments while remaining positioned for the future.

Our clients come from financial services, manufacturing, real estate, software, energy, retail and business services..

Actionable Strategies has planned and implemented the deployment of advanced technologies integrated into some of the most complex legacy technical environments in the world.  We have transformed and renovated global technology and services organizations while delivering breakthrough results.  Our experience in selecting, managing and transitioning vendors differentiates us from firms that sell what they recommend.  Click here to view our brochure on Enabling Technologies.

We have worked with all types of firms, from hedge funds and global banks to energy companies in emerging markets to not-for-profits.  Our range of services include the following:

Strategic Planning and Engineering: Effectively obtaining demonstrable results from advanced technologies such as Big Data, AI and Smart Grids requires a realizable strategy that is driven through to execution.  Our consultants are leading experts who have conceived long term visions and led the near term implementations that prove viability.  Their work in formulating roadmaps and managing complex portfolios of projects has resulted in demand for their expertise on a global basis.

Product and Application Development: Designing enterprise applications requires a broad and unique business and technical background that extends beyond delivering software using inexpensive programming. Our consultants have experience with all critical application disciplines that ensure the successful implementation of software that delivers the returns demanded by business leadership. This includes the proper planning, processes, operational support, scalability, reliability, training, deployment and maintenance. Our consultants have global experience with all of the most effective methodologies including the latest in Agile software development. We work closely with our clients to clearly define long-term solutions.  In the near-term, Agile practices produce incremental  results.  We ensure that applications move from pilot into production in an expeditious and cost effective fashion.

Offshore Development and BPO: Actionable Strategies maintains relationships with several leading offshore development and BPO organzations. Unlike other companies, we do not resell these services for a profit. Rather, we manage the delivery of offshore services to achieve a cost effective and quality solution. This alignment of our objectives to those of our clients drives project success and protects our clients’ interests.  The majority of our offshore projects have utilized client selected vendors.

Managed System Deployment: Deploying enterprise systems requires a thorough understanding of the overall objectives of an organization. Providing a foundation of platforms that supports both current initiatives and future growth is both art and science. Actionable Strategies provides everything from strategic planning frameworks to managed implementation to ensure that our clients build lasting architectures and infrastructure to support their businesses.

Unbundled Staffing: Under the appropriate circumstances, where there is a clearly delineated set of goals and definitive value to be realized, Actionable Strategies will provide clients with top-notch interim staffing. Our philosophy is to work with clients to make them successful without displacing existing employees by hourly outside staff. We work with our clients to ensure the use of interim staff delivers appropriate value without creating long-term dependencies. The net result is that our clients get the best and brightest for as long as they are needed.  We have acted as interim and fractional CEO, CIO, product manager, program manager and subject matter expert.

Outsourced Support: For those organizations that have support needs that cannot be delivered in a cost effective fashion, Actionable Strategies will establish outsourced support services. We work in our clients best interests by not selling these services directly. Through planning, negotiating and managing the transition to an outsourced relationship, we aid our clients in achieving better levels of support with both lower cost and reduced risk.

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