Virtual Leaders

Leading teams for a client is a serious responsibility.  Virtual leadership incorporates a senior consultant from Actionable Strategies supported by cross-functional advisors from the firm.  Typical activities include operational stabilization, transformation, organization design, internal leadership development, measurement system design, vendor rationalization and transition to the steady state.  Our objective is to set the team on the right path and quickly make the client self-sufficient. 

We have played many roles for our clients, some of which are listed below.  

Virtual CEO as Virtual CxO
Virtual Chief Strategist as Virtual CxO
Chief Strategist
Virtual Head of Sales as Virtual CxO
Head of Sales
Virtual CTO as Virtual CxO
Head of Product Management as Virtual CxO
Head of Product Management
Virtual CIO as Virtual CxO
Virtual Head of Customer Service as Virtual CxO
Head of Customer Service
Virtual Head of Operations as Virtual CxO
Head of Operations