Process, program and people effectiveness.

  • Reduce time and cost of meeting rapidly changing business needs
  • Large-scale changes, such as merger integration, entering new markets or complying with new regulations
  • Tactical changes, such as saving money by optimizing a business process in “real-time”
  • Launch new services and business initiatives faster and at lower cost by leveraging existing business and IT assets
  • Improve visibility into key business metrics and ability to measure impact and value of IT initiatives
  • Increase focus on customers and innovation by creating a climate of continuous improvement
  • Standards-based / best practices approach to development and integration creates greater openness and opportunities to pursue new initiatives

Solution Examples:
  • Best practices and Benchmarking
  • Systems Selection and Integration
  • Enterprise Cost Management
  • Business Convergence and Rationalization
  • Globalization
  • Business Excellence (Governance, Six Sigma, Lean)
  • Master/Enterprise Data Management
  • Optimized operational and customer-facing processes for Smart Grids
  • Banking Branch Transformation (Wealth Management and Retail)
  • Risk Management and Compliance

Lean Processes
Optimizing processes can yield dramatic and recurring bottom line results.  Actionable Strategies pragmatically applies the Lean principles proven in the Toyota Production System as well as selected tools from Six Sigma.

View our approach to Lean Process

Lean Strategy / Policy Deployment
In enabling Lean Process, we also provide our clients with the appropriate tools to generate sustainable gains in their Lean Journey.  View our Strategy / Policy Deployment System, which is cloud-based.  We also have a Chinese version of Strategy / Policy Deployment for our clients in China.

Sales Enablement: Demand Generation
The middle steps of the sales process are where potential business is identified for field sales forces to develop.  This critical part of the sales funnel often receives little attention with raw leads passed directly into sales.  The result is typically a low close rate and often results in abandonment of lead follow-up.  

Vendor Rationalization
Effective vendor rationalization can optimize service portfolios, align vendor delivery to business requirements, boost service levels, and take significant cost out of operations.  

View our approach to Vendor Rationalization

Clearing Firm Migration
Changing clearing platforms are infrequent but can be highly disruptive to growing financial institutions.  View our approach to Clearing Systems Migrations

Single Window
International trade experiences significant "drag" and cost bleed when the customs process is inefficient.