Providing the greatest yield from data, information and true insight.

  • Business view of technology services including measures and metrics
  • Creating and executing energy strategies including Smart Grids integrated into an integrated enterprise
  • Program management of global Information and communication technologies (ICT) initiatives from planning to procurement
  • Technical solutions from networking up to applications
  • Scalability of technology and support model
  • Governance to manage growth and ongoing operation

Services Examples:

In-flight Strategic Alignment
World-class organizations use repeatable and effective strategic planning processes to drive future success.  However, even the best companies encounter dramatic change during the course of the year which causes execution to drift away from strategic goals.  Under these circumstances, adjustments must be made to realign strategic plans in-flight.

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    Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing can yield dramatic operating and financial gains.  Simultaneously, organizations can gain agility and raise service levels.  Cloud computing must be planned and implemented properly to achieve these results.  Cloud computing implementation involves far more than just subscribing to a service.  Actionable Strategies' methodology for Cloud Computing Strategy enables organizations to create a comprehensive plan that encompasses:
    • Success criteria and supporting metrics
    • Business case including cash flow and accrual financials
    • Governance of process, operating expenses, data and technology
    • Operating model and HR plan
    • Technology plan and migration paths
    • Risk management
    • Options - Strategic and tactical

    View our methodology for Cloud Computing Strategy

    Agile Product Development
    Consultants from Actionable Strategies were at the vanguard of the Agile software development movement.  We have applied Lean principles across the product lifecycle including applying metrics for managing Agile software development.  

    View our approach to Development Metrics for Agile Product Development

    Planning and Process
    Effective plans and efficient processes are the hallmarks of great companies. Successful technology projects require that these be combined with the right people to extract all of the potential that complex initiatives present. Actionable Strategies provides unbiased expertise that facilitates rapid decisions based upon insightful and thorough analysis.
    • Alignment, planning and budgeting
    • Services model design and deployment
    • Project revitalization and recovery
    • Program management establishment
    • Packaged application selection
    • Process design and reengineering

    Infrastructure and Enabling Technologies
    Foundational technologies can act as either enablers or constraints. By taking a holistic view of the computing environment, Actionable Strategies provides clients with core technology platforms that are non-disposable, durable, robust and extensible. This allows client to focus on extracting business value with the confidence that the underlying infrastructure will accommodate present and future needs.
    • Network architecture and design
    • Wireless solutions
    • System management and monitoring
    View our approach to Data Center Consolidation

    IT Risk Management
    Business and technology leaders have a responsibility to actively assess and eliminate risks. Actionable Strategies ensures that clients are addressing the most critical vulnerabilities while controlling the costs to mitigate lower priority risks. By focusing on business exposure in addition to threat profiles, we ensure that spending is aligned to business risk.
    • Information security assessment
    • Security policies, architecture and training
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    Business Continuity Planning: Consultants from Actionable Strategies have developed business continuity plans in some of the most demanding industries including real-time trading, healthcare and utilities.  By applying risk management practices and lean process principles, we achieve balance across exposure, risk, value, cost and  capabilities.  Effective planning enables our clients to move swiftly into disaster recovery planning including achieving resilience in hybrid Cloud computing environments.

    Data Loss Prevention: Information can be a vital corporate asset.  In additional to reputational impact, financial costs of data leakage can be significant.  Corporate assets require protection via a well-formulated risk management approach. 

    View our approach to Data Loss Prevention

    Solution Examples:
    • IT Strategy & Roadmap
    • IT & Business Alignment
    • Architecture and Infrastructure Planning
    • IT Transformation & Outsourcing
    • Virtualization & Storage
    • Data Center & Business Intelligence
    • Green IT & Data Centers
    • SOA & Grid Computing
    • SLA & IT Services Portfolio
    • Content Management
    • Portals
    • Applications Infrastructure
    • ERP/SAP/Oracle
    • Network Consolidation & Integration
    • IT Operational Excellence
    • Information Security
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