Actionable Strategies Awarded Romania ICT Investment Project

Washington, DC – April 27, 2011 - Actionable Strategies, a boutique consulting firm serving clients globally, has been awarded a project to identify investment opportunities in the ICT sector in Romania.  The ICT Definitional Mission was awarded by the USTDA and will focus on Cloud Computing, e-government, e-health and broadband access.  The USTDA (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) is a federal foreign assistance agency that promotes economic growth in developing and middle income countries including ICT (information and communication technologies) investments.

Actionable Strategies has been engaged to assess potential investments, identify alternatives, develop terms of reference (TORs) and create budgets.  “We are enthused by the opportunity to bring our practical experience in Cloud Computing to the realms of e-government and e-health.” explained Jeffrey Wu, CEO of Actionable Strategies.  “The potential exists to realize dramatic transformation using proven approaches from the private sector.  We are combining our public sector experience in Eastern Europe with knowledge gained from setting Cloud Computing strategies and implementing them in the most demanding environments.  This enables us to identify the most promising investment opportunities with the most realistic chances of producing the desired outcomes.  We anticipate the identification of over $20 million in U.S. export opportunities.”

The project will be led by Practice Director Frank Safertal who has an extensive background working in Eastern Europe including significant time spent in Romania.  “In addition to our experience with project finance, we have a first-hand understanding of the government and business landscapes in Romania.  To ensure successful execution, we will be working with our contacts in the U.S. Embassy and the private sector in Romania”, said Mr. Safertal. “We are very pleased to broaden our relationship with the USTDA and continue to identify growth opportunities for U.S. firms.”  The project kickoff was held in the Washington, DC region at the USTDA offices.

“The Romanian software industry is one of the fastest growing in Europe, fuelled by a rapidly growing economy, high levels of foreign direct investment and modernization of infrastructure aimed at aligning the public sector with EU standards and norms over the next few years”, according to the USTDA.  “The Ministry of Communication and Information Society has received funding from the European Union (EU) for untied aid in many different ICT programs, including e-governance, e-health initiatives and improving broadband across the country.  The Ministry is interested in providing more electronic service applications within the government and has also expressed interest in pursuing cloud technology to assist with its government communications.”

Actionable Strategies will be leading the Definitional Mission to Romania with an in-country project team in May that will hold numerous meetings with government officials, potential global suppliers and project sponsors.  By applying Cloud Computing strategy and planning frameworks, the firm will be able to effectively assess the numerous potential ICT projects that impact the Ministry and the USTDA.  Experience in planning and building Cloud Computing businesses enable Actionable Strategies to evaluate potential vendors and implementation organizations.  Each investment is targeted to generate a minimum of $10 million in U.S. exports.  The ICT Definitional Mission is scheduled for completion by the end of the second quarter.

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