Actionable Strategies Launches Venture in China

New York, NY – October 25, 2010 - Actionable Strategies, a boutique consulting firm serving clients globally, launched a joint venture in China.  The firm will deliver solutions to clients in China focused on strategy, lean process and enabling technologies.  Initial markets include the regions around Shanghai, Beijing, Guanzhou and Sichuan Province.

“Actionable Strategies has consistently driven a long term global strategy and selling into China is part of the vision laid out for the firm”, explained Jeffrey Wu, CEO of Actionable Strategies.  “Our carefully chosen investments have resulted in formation of a JV designed to marry the best Western practices with Chinese principles that are both complex and subtle.  The resulting intellectual property is unique and creates a differentiating factor that will propel sustainable growth in the region.”  Actionable Strategies will deliver services and solutions in business strategy, corporate and product marketing, global finance, organizational design, Lean process, market-facing technologies and business/technology infrastructure.

“Our success in establishing a global delivery model began with creating world class capabilities provided from China.  Fostering trade with China has enabled us to become accepted as a firm who can enter the growth regions within China as a true global partner.”  Actionable Strategies will continue to grow the China presence they have established in addition to created linkage with other markets in the Americas and EMEA.  The joint venture agreement has received government approvals and will be formalized in November.

About Actionable Strategies

Actionable Strategies is a boutique consulting firm with a unique perspective of solution offerings and thought leadership. The firm specializes in key items on the executive agenda and solutions that drive performance improvement, lower total costs and manage risk. From enabling revenue growth to improving margins across an enterprise, the focus is on aligning process and technology to business impacting needs. By applying best practices and cross industry experience, the firm enables clients to formulate winning strategies and execute them effectively. Consultants at the firm have proven themselves in business strategy, globalization, alignment, turnarounds and M&A. The firm has created the operational organizations, processes and technologies to provide competitive advantage, market agility and global scale.

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