Actionable Strategies Engaged for ERP Strategy in EMEA

Washington, DC – March 4, 2013 - Actionable Strategies, a boutique consulting firm serving clients globally, has been engaged to develop an ERP strategy for a very large enterprise in the Middle East.  The client selected Actionable Strategies because of the proven methodology proposed for enterprise platform selection with a project team experienced in large scale ERP package deployment in globally distributed organizations.  Actionable Strategies CEO, Jeffrey Wu, attributed the success to the value recognized by the client, who must remain confidential.  “During the proposal process, Actionable Strategies demonstrated depth of knowledge in business process, ERP planning and implementation, program and project management, and enterprise technology leadership.  We are very pleased to be selected from a field of multi-national consulting firms of all sizes.”

The project is a result of sweeping change experienced across the Middle East including leadership and governance transitions at the confidential client which is part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The Middle East is expected to experience tremendous growth in the technology sector.  Gartner Group projects the Middle East and North Africa region to experience growth in cloud services at around 20.2 percent through 2016 compared to the global average of 17.7 percent.  (From a press release issued in Dubai on February 11, 2013.)

“We are enthused to provide guidance on Lean process innovation supported by Cloud computing models.  Leveraging past engagements in business strategy, technology innovation, data governance, and information security will help our client with an encompassing roadmap from which business, operational and technology risks can be managed”, explained Jeffrey Wu, CEO of Actionable Strategies.  “Organizations in the Middle East will benefit from best practices from North America and Western Europe.”

Actionable Strategies will provide business leadership, process knowledge, and technology innovation expertise to the Saudi Arabian organization.  “We have invested in a number of strategic partnerships and specific solution approaches for a targeted set of global markets”, according to Frank Safertal, ICT Practice Director at Actionable Strategies.  “As globalization continues to provide opportunities, we will extend our capabilities and work with solution partners to drive success with our clients.”

The ERP Strategy will include an analysis of critical needs related to human capital management, business processes and enterprise workflow, inventory, logistics, finance and technology.  Saudi Arabia poses a number of unique challenges based on culture, geography and the regulatory and governance frameworks.  “Our consultants are well versed in dealing with cultural differences, including dealing with multiple languages and approaches to decision making and problem solving”, noted Jeffrey Wu.  “We always seek to harmonize the client landscape to best practices.  It is the only way to be continually successful in a varied global economy with multi-faceted needs and dispositions.”

Actionable Strategies will develop the strategic framework and then apply a proven selection methodology.  This selection approach rapidly consolidates thousands of data points into a cohesive view of key decision criteria.  Drill-down multi-factor analytical summaries allow decision makers to identify critical organizational issues quickly.  Combined with exhaustive qualitative analysis, the business intelligence approach ensures that decisions are data and fact-based.  Facilitated workshops and process walkthroughs enable organizations to focus attention of key decision criteria.

About Actionable Strategies

Actionable Strategies is a boutique consulting firm with a unique perspective of solution offerings and thought leadership. The firm specializes in key items on the executive agenda and solutions that drive performance improvement, lower total costs and manage risk. From enabling revenue growth to improving margins across an enterprise, the focus is on aligning process and technology to business impacting needs. By applying best practices and cross industry experience, the firm enables clients to formulate winning strategies and execute them effectively. Consultants at the firm have proven themselves in business strategy, globalization, alignment, turnarounds and M&A. The firm has created the operational organizations, processes and technologies to provide competitive advantage, market agility and global scale.

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