Actionable Strategies to speak on Cloud Computing in Global Investment and Finance

New York, NY – September 18, 2012 - Actionable Strategies, a boutique consulting firm serving clients globally, has been selected to present a session on Cloud Computing at the Fund-Ex Conference, “where the Role of Technology in the New Global Investment and Finance Culture is Defined”, according to the Global Strategic Management Institute, the producer of the conference.  Actionable Strategies CEO, Jeffrey Wu, will be leading a session entitled “Make way for the Cloud: What every Institutional Investor Needs to Know…”  The conference takes place in New York on October 29th.

“Cloud Computing is now an established part of the lexicon of technologists.  This session will frame the capabilities of Cloud Computing in a business context while providing insight into the direction of the technologies and the impact on institutional investors”, explained Jeffrey Wu, CEO of Actionable Strategies.  “Our years of work in Cloud Computing and the predecessor application service provider space afford us a unique perspective.  We are honored to be asked to share our experiences with Cloud Computing in the institutional investment space.”

Actionable Strategies has assembled a panel representing the sell side, buy side, exchanges and dark pools, and trading system vendors.  “We have worked with progressive thinkers in financial services who have put innovative strategies into action in a very difficult climate.  These leaders will share their unique perspectives and unvarnished assessments of the state of Cloud Computing and what to expect in the future”, according to Jeffrey Wu.  “The CIOs, CTOs and heads of trading will be exploring substantive topics including downside risks.”

The conference will be attended by heads of equity, fixed income, credit and FX trading, as well as asset management firms, hedge funds, portfolio managers and investment managers.  Buy-side topics include the leverage afforded new funds and investment advisors by Cloud Computing as new funds and RIAs continue to enter the market.  The challenges of integrating front, middle and back office will be examined especially when using multiple brokers and clearing firms.  Panelists will address differences between asset classes across the trade lifecycle.

Sell-side topics will include market structure and liquidity trends that will affect the buy-side.  Panelists will discuss how Cloud Computing fits into evolving models of execution, including pre-trade and post-trade.  Examination of the cost and service implications of Cloud Computing on the buy-side will also be covered.  Operating, technology and counterparty risk will round out the sell-side topics.

About Actionable Strategies

Actionable Strategies is a boutique consulting firm with a unique perspective of solution offerings and thought leadership. The firm specializes in key items on the executive agenda and solutions that drive performance improvement, lower total costs and manage risk. From enabling revenue growth to improving margins across an enterprise, the focus is on aligning process and technology to business impacting needs. By applying best practices and cross industry experience, the firm enables clients to formulate winning strategies and execute them effectively. Consultants at the firm have proven themselves in business strategy, globalization, alignment, turnarounds and M&A. The firm has created the operational organizations, processes and technologies to provide competitive advantage, market agility and global scale.

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