The leaders and consultants at Actionable Strategies have extensive experience in human capital management.  This has been accumulated from running large global organizations, growing mid-size companies into well-managed operations, and building early stage companies into successful enterprises.

We provide services along a number of key dimensions:

  • Human capital strategies
  • Operational processes and governance
  • Technology and integration of HCM solutions
  • Predictive analytics, data visualization and big data integration

Predictive Analytics

Human capital was the key resource for the client which has in excess of 58,000 employees.  Actionable Strategies was asked to create a predictive analytics framework and supporting system to ensure that turnover did not impact revenue and client service.  

View our case study on proactive management of turnover through the use of predictive analytics.

Data Science

Competitive analysis work performed by Actionable Strategies revealed to the client that competitors were developing analytical capabilities in their product sets.  To maintain market leadership, the client agreed that a strong data foundation would be required to achieve key strategic business objectives

Data Governance

The stated mission of the client "is to provide insightful solutions that drive value and success for our clients.”  These human capital solutions have always been data-driven.  Actionable Strategies helped the client build out predictive analytical and data exploration capabilities delivered in the Cloud.  To support a scalable and efficient operating model, data governance was required to enable the business to deliver quality data and accurate insights.

View our case study on HCM Data Governance.

Compensation Management

The profound changes in economic conditions will have a dramatic impact on organizations and how human capital is managed. This white paper will explore some surprising and impactful drivers for HR leaders as they plan for a successful future. Key approaches for managing compensation to address these drivers will be presented to help navigate this crucial time period.

View our white paper on Compensation Management.

Risks From Compensation Management Spreadsheets

Many organizations manage some or all of compensation using spreadsheets.  Numerous studies demonstrate the risks from using spreadsheets instead of an automated Compensation Management process.  Our white paper highlights where the risks lie and provides some real-life examples of how these risks can damage an organization.  We offer key criteria for introducing process and technology to ensure the integrity of Compensation Management.